Credit card chargeback - Some good news today! More and more backers report successful credit card chargebacks. They simply claimed a chargeback based on Triggertraps decline to deliver Ada. Based on the quite clear Kickstarter ToS, credit card companies seem to interpret them the same way as we did here and charged back the money. The process can take […]
What is Kickstarter? Are backers investors? - One of our fellow backers found a very interesting article on Gamasutra. Although it’s nothing legally binding, it’s exactly the same interpretation most of the backers have and that are strengthened by kickstarter’s blogpost about liability. Understanding Your Kickstarter Liabilities The article is a great help when arguing with third parties that might see kickstarter […]
How to be successful at Kickstarter - Making a Kickstarter on “How to make a successful Kickstarter”. And failing with it. I think we found a new definition for “awkward”. Also, they seem to have used the same list for the video, describing what a project creator has to be good at (e.g. project management, budgeting, etc.), and for their medium article, […]
when you’re sorry… - I know. Your mother or father¬†told you to say “i’m sorry” when you spilled a glas of water at your friend’s home. They¬†probably did not expect you to clean it up and probably did it for you. Well, now that you’ve grown up you probably have learned that life is not that easy. If you’re […]
FAQs - We have started to work on some basic FAQs that should help other backers. They are still work in progress, so if you see an error, just let us know. We’re also happy about every helping hand we could get, so feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion for our FAQs section.


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