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    Talking today and discovered that many household insurance policies have a legal expenses insurance provision, which may allow backers to persue the fraud case legally?



    I want to report this as fraud to the UK Police,
    I’m not quite sure what to say to them and If I don’t get it right first time it may end up a complete waste of time,
    Does anyone have a handle on what the actual legal terms are that I would need to include with a fraud report?
    I think if we collate our legal thoughts (legal terms, etc.) here it would serve as a central ‘go to’
    place for anyone wishing to file a report, etc.

    Perhaps we could put our heads together and come up with something that can be used as a tweakable template for crime reporting, passing basic facts + figures to solicitors, etc.

    I don’t know about anyone else but legal jargon does my head in!!
    Everyone here will have a different degree of understanding about this, perhaps we can get everyone working in a co-ordinated way with a couple of people checking out each avenue of inquiry rather than some of the basics being covered 50 times……….but nothing else!



    I have a couple of GB of spare ‘Dropbox’ space that could be used to store any documents, pdf’s, etc.
    I believe we could set up a password system, so I could post it on the ‘Backer only’ section here,
    That way any of us can access all the copies of pages that are now changed, etc

    Does anyone know of such a thing already done by someone else?


    andreas d.


    i would suggest to use the backers only forum to discuss and setup any “templates”. as for attachements: give me some minutes, it should be possible to attach files to postings here and I can put them up on a separate page if we have a finished version.


    andreas d.

    yep, should be possible to add files to posts now :)

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