Possible (not legal) actions

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    andreas d.


    It would be great if everybody could share his/hers experiences with non-legal ways they tried.

    I’m currently in contact with master card for a chargeback (they first declined it saying it was too old, but when I said the the promised delivery date was moved back multiple times, they requested details on that and are still looking into it)

    I also contacted the european customer service centre (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/solving_consumer_disputes/non-judicial_redress/ecc-net/index_en.htm) but did not get back a response.

    In addition I have written to some (austrian) papers and news sites, of which some already wrote articles or are working on them. One nice example: http://futurezone.at/digital-life/kickstarter-nutzer-muessen-fuer-gescheitertes-projekt-zahlen/118.861.940 – funny thing is, they posted a Triggertrap Mobile review the same day (unrelated) and now everytime you find the Triggertrap Mobile article, you have the article about the failed triggertrap ada nearby ;) And: Haje declined to answer to their questions, although he keeps posting their mail address for press related questions.. what’s the point if they won’t answer any questions?



    Heje – is trying to tell us what he think we should hear/see – by posting the mail address, think he trying to call our bluff on any form of action!!



    @Andreas: After I get access to the Backer Only section of the forum, I’ll share some thoughts. There is still the potential for a full refund, and there are a few avenues / government agencies to complain through.

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