Requesting prototypes from Triggertrap

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    andreas d.


    They showed us pretty pictures, gave us the source code and pcbs, etc. but to date we don’t have any idea if triggertrap ada even works. well, they say it does, but honestly… yeah, you probably know ;)

    Triggertrap still has at least one “final” prototype. If we’re really willing to make a DIY kit, I think we should try to get our hands on some prototypes and request Triggertrap to give them to us.

    There are multiple reasons for this: we could see upfront the state of the product – does it even work? is some further development needed? in what extent? is it worth trying to make a DIY kit or is it a waste of time because ada is not at the state triggertrap claims?

    To get answers to this questions we need a device, based on triggertraps blueprints. But without a prototype, it’s a lot of work and quite expensive.

    tl;dr we should ask triggertrap to hand over their prototypes to us. we make sure that some capable hardware/software guys get them to test and report their impressions. we could also use them to further work on the firmware or even make changes to the hardware. in the end are we the ones who payed for the prototypes…

    to make this clear: it’s not about “using” the prototypes (for photography), so triggertraps previous argument on why they won’t sell them is invalid here (“would be unfair, etc.”). this is about keeping ada alive and giving us backers a chance to do something with their generous release of source code, etc.



    TT should certainly hand over all prototypes and other hardware, software and any and all documents relating to Ada as we are the ones who funded the production and development of the product.

    For them to retain this is completely out of order as it’s clear from their updates the they do intend to use Ada for financial gain; be it to attempt to sell the product or at the very least to show off their company which in turn would generate revenue.

    Besides; as noted above – we need as much information as possible in order to make any attempt at producing a version of Ada for ourselves.

    I strongly feel that we haven’t been told anywhere near the truth and to me it seems likely that Ada will magically reappear in another form in the future with TT at the helm.



    The challenge with handing over (I certainly do not want them to keep them) is hand them over to Whom?

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