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    Thank you for all for very positive feedback that we received from all of you, here on forum and also on many mails. This gives us motivation to be even better!

    u-Trigger already has integrated sensor for lightning, laser and sound! Triggering with laser beam already possible. PIR sensor will be available in next generation!
    If first generation is not ok for you, you are welcome to subscribe at our web page and be notified about release of new one.



    Hello all!

    I believe many of you bought and already received u-Trigger.
    Feedback would be more than welcome, we hope that is mainly positive.
    Some ideas for future would also be great!

    I hope you all enjoy using u-Trigger and do not forget to spread a word!



    I’ve been waiting for getting a laser and high-speed flash setup ready before doing a review, but with such a convincing request, here are my first impressions.



    Here is very simple test with utrigger, set to very short delay on sound trigger, with flash set to very fast burst.

    Edit: Actually specs, utrigger delay at 10ms, flash at 1/8.

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    I have been playing with the u-trigger a bit today. I bought one of these to use as the laser as it runs on 3 aaa batteries instead of having to go and buy those little button ones all the time. It works well, although you have to be incredibly accurate when setting it up. The u-trigger could do with a bit of a wider lens on the sensor so that there was a little more margin for error. I am thinking of sticking something in front of the sensor to diffuse the laser light that can be easily removed for lightning pictures.

    We have had no lightning here yet so I haven’t been able to test that function properly (although the camera does trigger when I simulate lightning with the camera flash). I previously tried to trigger it with an LED flashlight but the sensor is sensitive to different wavelengths of light than the LED emits. The sound sensor works well.

    I wanted to ask janezK a question.

    What is the best way to add motion sensing to the u-trigger. All of the passive IR sensors I have found are self powered adruino machines. Do you know of any that are pre-built and have a 2.5mm output to connect to the u-trigger? You said that version 2 of the u-trigger may have PIR. Do you have an estimated ship date and price for the new version?




    We are very happy to read about your impression. Some of disadvantages that you noticed we have already solved in new generation.

    About response time:
    Speaking about nano seconds is very difficult. Why:
    – even thru you have fast sensor, it needs to be measured somehow. If you do it with ADC convertor it is limited with ADC frequency which is around 500kHz -> 2us delay. If you use comparator to trigger interrupt pin on processor, you have to count a slew rate of analog comparator -> also around 1-2us
    – microprocessor will have some if() code after trigger event is detected as: if(delay) …else… so processor response time cannot be 1cycle – depends on code but it has xxx cycles so here we can add additional hundreds of ns.
    – shutter of flash are triggered over optocouplers (to prevent possible device damage). Optocoupler have again slew rate in range of 1-2 us. This is necessary in device to put on market.

    When you add all together you came out with around 5us in best scenario response time. On the market, we made research and the fastest response times of multipurpose triggers for high speed photographs are 40us, what u-Trigger has it now. New generation we made some improvements and we get even better response time (around 20us).

    This is why response time of ns in such device, we see it as ….”a dream” and not reality, but we can be wrong. If we are making only high speed trigger for catching light that would be different story!

    Delay setting in other hand is something different. Yes you are true that delay of 1ms is long and is all based on what kind of photo you would like to make. In new generation we lower delay setting to 0.1ms (100us step) but can be set even lower is we get feedback that it is needed to be done

    We are looking forward to get your tests results also with high speed flash in bulb mode!
    What scene are you preparing if it isn’t a secret?

    We developed our motion sensor for new one ourself so we can’t help you with an answer where to find it. It seems that there is none.
    Estimate shipping: We would like to start collecting preorders in June 2015. Now we are waiting for casing molds to be made and first casing to arrive. After that we will know more precise date. Price: promotion price will start with 150€ + VAT.



    MIOPS smart

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    As a Triggertrap ADA backer who was looking forward to receiving my devices, I appreciate the discount that you are offering. I am thinking about buying however with talk of a new device, I am thinking that I may wait for it. I know this is probably asking a bit much, however will there be a discount for Triggertrap backers?




    on kickstarter it today the last day of snappal.
    like all of us I first was sceptic again kickstarter.but I will give it a try



    Hi rudyc

    Thanks for the tip on the snappal trigger. With 6 hrs to go I have given it a try on the early bird basic kit.

    God willing we won’t have to wait 18 months for this one. :)

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