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I know there are at least about 100 backers out there that already posted on the subreddit or contacted me individually. So we’re definitely not a small minority.

Anyway, this website is for now a one-man show and would greatly appreciate any help of motivated backers I could get. Things to do and people we need just for the basic infrastructure:

Writers – lots of writers (about, faq, the story so far, etc. – we should make clear and SEO friendly articles about our aims. keep in mind that we don’t want to give triggertrap or kickstarter a target, so those texts have to be very objective and should not make any accusations, etc.)

WordPress moderators/authors: this site is running with wordpress. anybody who knows how to use it and would like to keep news posted to this site or help me with the administration is welcome.

blogger/facebook authors: to post updates about our progress both here and on facebook (to keep people in the loop that don’t come here regularly)

These are just some things that came to my mind – probably lots of other useful jobs to do, so if you have any recommendations, let me know.

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