How to be successful at Kickstarter 2

Making a Kickstarter on “How to make a successful Kickstarter”. And failing with it. I think we found a new definition for “awkward”.

Also, they seem to have used the same list for the video, describing what a project creator has to be good at (e.g. project management, budgeting, etc.), and for their medium article, describing where they failed at.

To be fair, Triggertrap Ada was indeed successful. For Triggertrap. They got half a million dollars and used it to pay their own wages etc. So for them, everything is fine – for now ;) (We would love to tell you more about this, but we were advised to wait a little bit longer)

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2 thoughts on “How to be successful at Kickstarter

  • Sofa-Lofa

    ‘….. a masterclass in creating rewards for every level of investment, from basic project up. There’s also a guide to budgeting – so that you don’t accidentally promise rewards that you can’t afford!’

    He seems to have overlooked the rewards that don’t actually EXIST!

    Anyway…… it failed miserably!!!! so Haje isn’t dispensing his ‘awesome’ brand of project (mis)management and (creative)accountancy……what a shame!

  • person278

    To the tech / startup community, they just see the Kickstarter backers as collateral damage, and they revere people like Haje for being able to build his own brand and toot his own horn through a strategic and slimy medium article, even when in effect they wasted away $500,000 USD.

    I hope he gets what karma is really coming for him. Kudos andreas!!