Source code and other project files are available on github: but for now it seems like a DIY kit is not going to happen. The source code leaves a lot of open questions that Triggertrap could not give answers to and until now, we have no evidence that the source code and hardware even works (the source code did not compile with standard build methods and Triggertrap refuses to give any hints). Triggetrap could not provide at least a video, showing that their prototypes works the way they claim. So it would be quite a risk to build a prototype based on Triggertrap’s plans and software.

It’s very sad to say, that the “generous” release of the source code was nothing more than a publicity stunt as Triggertrap is in no way interested (“[…] we are putting Ada behind us, focusing our attention instead on our other products.” source) in helping other people making any use of it.

So for now we can only recommend alternatives, like µ-Trigger – we’ll write a review about this trigger shortly, but with their offer to give a 50% voucher to Triggertrap Ada backers, it’s a fast and cheap alternative. Missing sensors could be build using the DIY port of µ-Trigger.


Frode Roxrud Gill is working on the source code himself and also has a github repository