Triggertrap offering “none of the above” option for refunds [Update]

Some backers that stated their dissatisfaction with the provided refund options are receiving notifications that a new option has been added to the Triggertrap Ada refund form: “none of the above”.

Selecting this option (simply by resubmitting the refund form – backers should have gotten a link via email) will stop the automatic refund process. It should be clear that this option could be an “all in” option, meaning that everybody selecting it risks to get nothing in the end (in case Triggertrap goes out of business) because it’s not clear if Triggertrap is willing or able to allow the selection of another refund option later on (e.g. when credit card chargebacks did not work out).


Triggertrap posted this now on the Kickstarter comments section: “[…] If you choose this option, we won’t automatically process a refund for you, but will await instructions from you for what to do. From our point of view, we still just offer one of the four first options, but if you wish to pursue legal action, or if you wish to discuss alternative options, this is the option for you.”1



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